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I enjoy the idea of a fitness tracker. I find that having one on me really does help motivate me to be active. Steps, distance walked/run, floors climbed, etc. My experience has been generally positive as long as I'm doing things that are easily trackable by the sensor. The tracker also allows me to more accurately make sure I'm hitting movement goals in much the same way calorie tracking helped me realize I was eating ~3,000 calories instead of ~2,000 per day. So ... Yay! Tracking! So why am I close to throwing away my FitBit One? Well that's a darn good question.

05 Mar 2014

Spam Porn

Every now and again I enjoy reading through the access logs of my server. I know this isn't something that the Cool Kids do any more, but it's soimething I've always enjoyed. In the last six months or so I've noticed a growing number of malformed entries that look something like this:

19 Feb 2014

This morning in the locker room at work a young man using a locker near my own had earbuds on. The volume was loud.


"Wow" I thought. "That's way loud."

*bump*bump* ... *bump*

"And familiar."

*bump* *bump*bump*bump*

And then, in a thin reedy the-sound-of-someone-else's-earbud-sound voice I heard the unmistakable:

Risin' up back on the street 
Did my time, took my chances


I've been noticing for the last year (or so) that my iOS devices sometimes complain that a particular file can't be synced "because it can't be played on this device". When I look into the file I find that iTunes has randomly linked the file to some random other file on the NAS drive. Just weird, utterly random files. Like LightRoom preview files, etc. I spent some time trying to chase these down and relink them to the correct files, but this seemed to just temporarily address the problem rather than fix it.


Two shattered screens in as many years. And yes, it's in a case. Evidently Kindles are simply not well suited to life in a shoulder/messenger bag.

Awesome, Amazon. Just awesome.